Most Common Verbs in English

Word 3singular Present Participle Simple Past Past Participle
do does doing did done
will will willing would
can can could couth
know knows knowing knew known
see sees seeing saw seen
may may might
get gets getting got got
think thinks thinking thought thought
go goes going went gone
make makes making made made
take takes taking took taken
come comes coming came come
say says saying said said
put puts putting put put
want wants wanting wanted wanted
give gives giving gave given
look looks looking looked looked
find finds finding found found
need needs needing needed needed
like likes liking liked liked
set sets setting set set
use uses using used used
become becomes becoming became become
tell tells telling told told
keep keeps keeping kept kept
help helps helping helped helped
work works working worked worked
let lets letting let let
feel feels feeling felt felt
provide provides providing provided provided
believe believes believing believed believed
try tries trying tried tried
shall shall should
ask asks asking asked asked
remember remembers remembering remembered remembered
leave leaves leaving left left
show shows showing showed shown
pay pays paying paid paid
run runs running ran run
read reads reading read read
seem seems seeming seemed seemed
include includes including included included
bring brings bringing brought brought
understand understands understanding understood understood
start starts starting started started
play plays playing played played
cut cuts cutting cut cut
live lives living lived lived
meet meets meeting met met
move moves moving moved moved
hear hears hearing heard heard
call calls calling called called
stop stops stopping stopped stopped
turn turns turning turned turned
talk talks talking talked talked
buy buys buying bought bought
thank thanks thanking thanked thanked
change changes changing changed changed
continue continues continuing continued continued
consider considers considering considered considered
allow allows allowing allowed allowed
hope hopes hoping hoped hoped
produce produces producing produced produced
stay stays staying stayed stayed
appear appears appearing appeared appeared
write writes writing wrote written
hold holds holding held held
expect expects expecting expected expected
ensure ensures ensuring ensured ensured
suppose supposes supposing supposed supposed
wish wishes wishing wished wished
carry carries carrying carried carried
follow follows following followed followed
offer offers offering offered offered
support supports supporting supported supported
accept accepts accepting accepted accepted
speak speaks speaking spoke spoken
lead leads leading leaded leaded
remain remains remaining remained remained
stand stands standing stood stood
suggest suggests suggesting suggested suggested
hit hits hitting hit hit
develop develops developing developed developed
happen happens happening happened happened
sit sits sitting sat sat
win wins winning won won
love loves loving loved loved
add adds adding added added
learn learns learning learned learned
create creates creating created created
agree agrees agreeing agreed agreed
apply applies applying applied applied
wait waits waiting waited waited
avoid avoids avoiding avoided avoided
send sends sending sent sent
form forms forming formed formed
explain explains explaining explained explained
return returns returning returned returned
sell sells selling sold sold
receive receives receiving received received
open opens opening opened opened
begin begins beginning began begun
eat eats eating ate eaten
increase increases increasing increased increased
voice voices voicing voiced voiced
spend spends spending spent spent
join joins joining joined joined
reduce reduces reducing reduced reduced
save saves saving saved saved
require requires requiring required required
fall falls falling fell fallen
mind minds minding minded minded
build builds building built built
achieve achieves achieving achieved achieved
choose chooses choosing chose chosen
prevent prevents preventing prevented prevented
reach reaches reaching reached reached
decide decides deciding decided decided
deal deals dealing dealt dealt
face faces facing faced faced
enjoy enjoys enjoying enjoyed enjoyed
watch watches watching watched watched
lose loses losing lost lost
walk walks walking walked walked
cover covers covering covered covered
improve improves improving improved improved
tend tends tending tended tended
raise raises raising raised raised
draw draws drawing drew drawn
forget forgets forgetting forgot forgotten
imagine imagines imagining imagined imagined
act acts acting acted acted
pick picks picking picked picked
cause causes causing caused caused
cost costs costing cost cost
pass passes passing passed passed
break breaks breaking broke broken
prove proves proving proved proved
occur occurs occurring occurred occurred
discuss discusses discussing discussed discussed
listen listens listening listened listened
maintain maintains maintaining maintained maintained
end ends ending ended ended
exist exists existing existed existed
seek seeks seeking sought sought
grow grows growing grew grown
check checks checking checked checked
serve serves serving served served
share shares sharing shared shared
establish establishes establishing established established
enter enters entering entered entered
control controls controlling controlled controlled
die dies dying died died
encourage encourages encouraging encouraged encouraged
answer answers answering answered answered
protect protects protecting protected protected
identify identifies identifying identified identified
visit visits visiting visited visited
care cares caring cared cared
enable enables enabling enabled enabled
affect affects affecting affected affected
claim claims claiming claimed claimed
note notes noting noted noted
obtain obtains obtaining obtained obtained
represent represents representing represented represented
contain contains containing contained contained
beat beats beating beat beaten
spread spreads spreading spread spread
worry worries worrying worried worried
bear bears bearing beared beared
shut shuts shutting shut shut
wonder wonders wondering wondered wondered
afford affords affording afforded afforded
fit fits fitting fitted fitted
kill kills killing killed killed
regard regards regarding regarded regarded
describe describes describing described described
place places placing placed placed
drive drives driving drove driven
wear wears wearing wore worn
argue argues arguing argued argued
involve involves involving involved involved
lie lies lying lay lain
contact contacts contacting contacted contacted
catch catches catching caught caught
assume assumes assuming assumed assumed
indicate indicates indicating indicated indicated
operate operates operating operated operated
manage manages managing managed managed
cope copes coping coped coped
remove removes removing removed removed
determine determines determining determined determined
fight fights fighting fought fought
pull pulls pulling pulled pulled
realise realises realising realised realised
reflect reflects reflecting reflected reflected
fill fills filling filled filled
refer refers referring referred referred
gain gains gaining gained gained
examine examines examining examined examined
prefer prefers preferring preferred preferred
travel travels travelling travelled travelled
admit admits admitting admitted admitted
recognise recognises recognising recognised recognised
attend attends attending attended attended
hurt hurts hurting hurt hurt
respond responds responding responded responded
sleep sleeps sleeping slept slept
introduce introduces introducing introduced introduced
depend depends depending depended depended
survive survives surviving survived survived
suffer suffers suffering suffered suffered
notice notices noticing noticed noticed
close closes closing closed closed
result results resulting resulted resulted
replace replaces replacing replaced replaced
complete completes completing completed completed
miss misses missing missed missed
rise rises rising rose risen
present presents presenting presented presented
arise arises arising arose arisen
point points pointing pointed pointed
fail fails failing failed failed
promote promotes promoting promoted promoted
perform performs performing performed performed
discover discovers discovering discovered discovered
express expresses expressing expressed expressed
extend extends extending extended extended
drink drinks drinking drank drunk
mention mentions mentioning mentioned mentioned
vary varies varying varied varied
concentrate concentrates concentrating concentrated concentrated
benefit benefits benefiting benefited benefited
treat treats treating treated treated
hang hangs hanging hung hung
throw throws throwing threw thrown
prepare prepares preparing prepared prepared
drop drops dropping dropped dropped
study studies studying studied studied
push pushes pushing pushed pushed
press presses pressing pressed pressed
report reports reporting reported reported
cast casts casting cast cast
arrive arrives arriving arrived arrived
sound sounds sounding sounded sounded
finish finishes finishing finished finished
ring rings ringing ringed ringed
test tests testing tested tested
secure secures securing secured secured
collect collects collecting collected collected
escape escapes escaping escaped escaped
teach teaches teaching taught taught
last lasts lasting lasted lasted
welcome welcomes welcoming welcomed welcomed
rely relies relying relied relied
trust trusts trusting trusted trusted
match matches matching matched matched
assess assesses assessing assessed assessed
contribute contributes contributing contributed contributed
repeat repeats repeating repeated repeated
supply supplies supplying supplied supplied
plan plans planning planned planned
reveal reveals revealing revealed revealed
state states stating stated stated
confirm confirms confirming confirmed confirmed
appreciate appreciates appreciating appreciated appreciated
hate hates hating hated hated
relate relates relating related related
overcome overcomes overcoming overcame overcome
rid rids ridding rid rid
marry marries marrying married married
attempt attempts attempting attempted attempted
retain retains retaining retained retained
handle handles handling handled handled
attract attracts attracting attracted attracted
assist assists assisting assisted assisted
influence influences influencing influenced influenced
mark marks marking marked marked
split splits splitting split split
experience experiences experiencing experienced experienced
recall recalls recalling recalled recalled
adopt adopts adopting adopted adopted
sign signs signing signed signed
touch touches touching touched touched
fear fears fearing feared feared
stick sticks sticking sticked sticked
settle settles settling settled settled
ignore ignores ignoring ignored ignored
compare compares comparing compared compared
define defines defining defined defined
exercise exercises exercising exercised exercised
demonstrate demonstrates demonstrating demonstrated demonstrated
account accounts accounting accounted accounted
persuade persuades persuading persuaded persuaded
investigate investigates investigating investigated investigated
clear clears clearing cleared cleared
guess guesses guessing guessed guessed
record records recording recorded recorded
vote votes voting voted voted
explore explores exploring explored explored
blame blames blaming blamed blamed
arrange arranges arranging arranged arranged
cross crosses crossing crossed crossed
deny denies denying denied denied
realize realizes realizing realized realized
hide hides hiding hid hidden
focus focuses focusing focused focused
deliver delivers delivering delivered delivered
proceed proceeds proceeding proceeded proceeded
succeed succeeds succeeding succeeded succeeded
bother bothers bothering bothered bothered
refuse refuses refusing refused refused
force forces forcing forced forced
demand demands demanding demanded demanded
recognize recognizes recognizing recognized recognized
count counts counting counted counted
doubt doubts doubting doubted doubted
reckon reckons reckoning reckoned reckoned
belong belongs belonging belonged belonged
emerge emerges emerging emerged emerged
sing sings singing sang sung
intend intends intending intended intended
justify justifies justifying justified justified
in ins inning inned inned
advise advises advising advised advised
defend defends defending defended defended
laugh laughs laughing laughed laughed
dare dare daring dared dared
acquire acquires acquiring acquired acquired
recover recovers recovering recovered recovered
generate generates generating generated generated
distinguish distinguishes distinguishing distinguished distinguished
suspect suspects suspecting suspected suspected
earn earns earning earned earned
finance finances financing financed financed
bet bets betting bet bet
destroy destroys destroying destroyed destroyed
rest rests resting rested rested
judge judges judging judged judged
pursue pursues pursuing pursued pursued
comment comments commenting commented commented
satisfy satisfies satisfying satisfied satisfied
compete competes competing competed competed
resist resists resisting resisted resisted
suit suits suiting suited suited
address addresses addressing addressed addressed
solve solves solving solved solved
lift lifts lifting lifted lifted
alter alters altering altered altered
impose imposes imposing imposed imposed
display displays displaying displayed displayed
appeal appeals appealing appealed appealed
release releases releasing released released
sort sorts sorting sorted sorted
differ differs differing differed differed
select selects selecting selected selected
measure measures measuring measured measured
recommend recommends recommending recommended recommended
order orders ordering ordered ordered
transfer transfers transferring transferred transferred
attack attacks attacking attacked attacked
expand expands expanding expanded expanded
roll rolls rolling rolled rolled
burst bursts bursting burst burst
undertake undertakes undertaking undertook undertaken
relax relaxes relaxing relaxed relaxed
participate participates participating participated participated
behave behaves behaving behaved behaved
strike strikes striking struck struck
remind reminds reminding reminded reminded
review reviews reviewing reviewed reviewed
approach approaches approaching approached approached
employ employs employing employed employed
restore restores restoring restored restored
wash washes washing washed washed
observe observes observing observed observed
combine combines combining combined combined
insist insists insisting insisted insisted
issue issues issuing issued issued
ride rides riding rode ridden
constitute constitutes constituting constituted constituted
jump jumps jumping jumped jumped
cook cooks cooking cooked cooked
switch switches switching switched switched
train trains training trained trained
cry cries crying cried cried
clean cleans cleaning cleaned cleaned
invest invests investing invested invested
step steps stepping stepped stepped
limit limits limiting limited limited
illustrate illustrates illustrating illustrated illustrated
own owns owning owned owned
tackle tackles tackling tackled tackled
challenge challenges challenging challenged challenged
view views viewing viewed viewed
withdraw withdraws withdrawing withdrew withdrawn
possess possesses possessing possessed possessed
communicate communicates communicating communicated communicated
climb climbs climbing climbed climbed
gather gathers gathering gathered gathered
separate separates separating separated separated
preserve preserves preserving preserved preserved
implement implements implementing implemented implemented
shift shifts shifting shifted shifted
resolve resolves resolving resolved resolved
reject rejects rejecting rejected rejected
inform informs informing informed informed
imply implies implying implied implied
acknowledge acknowledges acknowledging acknowledged acknowledged
conclude concludes concluding concluded concluded
shoot shoots shooting shot shot
guarantee guarantees guaranteeing guaranteed guaranteed
comply complies complying complied complied
borrow borrows borrowing borrowed borrowed
question questions questioning questioned questioned
promise promises promising promised promised
enhance enhances enhancing enhanced enhanced
monitor monitors monitoring monitored monitored
risk risks risking risked risked
permit permits permitting permitted permitted
purchase purchases purchasing purchased purchased
propose proposes proposing proposed proposed
celebrate celebrates celebrating celebrated celebrated
charge charges charging charged charged
research researches researching researched researched
aim aims aiming aimed aimed
accommodate accommodates accommodating accommodated accommodated
phone phones phoning phoned phoned
waste wastes wasting wasted wasted
dance dances dancing danced danced
wake wakes waking woke woken
pray prays praying prayed prayed
disappear disappears disappearing disappeared disappeared
telephone telephones telephoning telephoned telephoned
predict predicts predicting predicted predicted
score scores scoring scored scored
slip slips slipping slipped slipped
commit commits committing committed committed
complain complains complaining complained complained
detect detects detecting detected detected
exclude excludes excluding excluded excluded
excuse excuses excusing excused excused
interpret interprets interpreting interpreted interpreted
publish publishes publishing published published
link links linking linked linked
forgive forgives forgiving forgave forgiven
negotiate negotiates negotiating negotiated negotiated
analyse analyses analysing analysed analysed
name names naming named named
stretch stretches stretching stretched stretched
upset upsets upsetting upset upset
qualify qualifies qualifying qualified qualified
damage damages damaging damaged damaged
launch launches launching launched launched
paint paints painting painted painted
specify specifies specifying specified specified
grant grants granting granted granted
lend lends lending lent lent
construct constructs constructing constructed constructed
react reacts reacting reacted reacted
organise organises organising organised organised
deserve deserves deserving deserved deserved
head heads heading headed headed
direct directs directing directed directed
land lands landing landed landed
conduct conducts conducting conducted conducted
sustain sustains sustaining sustained sustained
submit submits submitting submitted submitted
consist consists consisting consisted consisted
blow blows blowing blew blown
mix mixes mixing mixed mixed
guide guides guiding guided guided
owe owes owing owed owed
convince convinces convincing convinced convinced
practise practises practising practised practised
strengthen strengthens strengthening strengthened strengthened
knock knocks knocking knocked knocked
invite invites inviting invited invited
burn burns burning burned burned
abandon abandons abandoning abandoned abandoned
reply replies replying replied replied
shake shakes shaking shook shaken
fix fixes fixing fixt fixt
pretend pretends pretending pretended pretended
consult consults consulting consulted consulted
divide divides dividing divided divided
engage engages engaging engaged engaged
search searches searching searched searched
fulfil fulfils fulfilling fulfilled fulfilled
exploit exploits exploiting exploited exploited
rule rules ruling ruled ruled
process processes processing processed processed
fetch fetches fetching fetched fetched
convey conveys conveying conveyed conveyed
shed sheds shedding shed shed
market markets marketing marketed marketed
fancy fancies fancying fancied fancied
smoke smokes smoking smoked smoked
smell smells smelling smelled smelled
thrust thrusts thrusting thrust thrust
incorporate incorporates incorporating incorporated incorporated
restrict restricts restricting restricted restricted
warn warns warning warned warned
eliminate eliminates eliminating eliminated eliminated
kiss kisses kissing kissed kissed
announce announces announcing announced announced
evaluate evaluates evaluating evaluated evaluated
convert converts converting converted converted
retire retires retiring retired retired
adjust adjusts adjusting adjusted adjusted
ease eases easing eased eased
breathe breathes breathing breathed breathed
pour pours pouring poured poured
knit knits knitting knit knit
exceed exceeds exceeding exceeded exceeded
back backs backing backed backed
approve approves approving approved approved
trace traces tracing traced traced
register registers registering registered registered
calculate calculates calculating calculated calculated
occupy occupies occupying occupied occupied
stimulate stimulates stimulating stimulated stimulated
print prints printing printed printed
stress stresses stressing stressed stressed
appoint appoints appointing appointed appointed
free frees freeing freed freed
interfere interferes interfering interfered interfered
object objects objecting objected objected
boost boosts boosting boosted boosted
smile smiles smiling smiled smiled
facilitate facilitates facilitating facilitated facilitated
lack lacks lacking lacked lacked
cease ceases ceasing ceased ceased
enforce enforces enforcing enforced enforced
adapt adapts adapting adapted adapted
tie ties tying tied tied
quote quotes quoting quoted quoted
dominate dominates dominating dominated dominated
pop pops popping popped popped
please pleases pleasing pleased pleased
design designs designing designed designed
intervene intervenes intervening intervened intervened
yield yields yielding yielded yielded
resign resigns resigning resigned resigned
spell spells spelling spelled spelled
shout shouts shouting shouted shouted
stir stirs stirring stirred stirred
spare spares sparing spared spared
estimate estimates estimating estimated estimated
kick kicks kicking kicked kicked
regret regrets regretting regretted regretted
offset offsets offsetting offset offset
list lists listing listed listed
dress dresses dressing dressed dressed
declare declares declaring declared declared
assure assures assuring assured assured
derive derives deriving derived derived
access accesses accessing accessed accessed
delay delays delaying delayed delayed
clarify clarifies clarifying clarified clarified
copy copies copying copied copied
favour favours favouring favoured favoured
dig digs digging dug dug
respect respects respecting respected respected
hand hands handing handed handed
capture captures capturing captured captured
reinforce reinforces reinforcing reinforced reinforced
transform transforms transforming transformed transformed
perceive perceives perceiving perceived perceived
function functions functioning functioned functioned
fuck fucks fucking fucked fucked
threaten threatens threatening threatened threatened
quit quits quitting quit quit
accompany accompanies accompanying accompanied accompanied
swim swims swimming swam swum
fund funds funding funded funded
pack packs packing packed packed
correct corrects correcting corrected corrected
cancel cancels cancelling cancelled cancelled
sail sails sailing sailed sailed
compensate compensates compensating compensated compensated
steal steals stealing stole stolen
undermine undermines undermining undermined undermined
range ranges ranging ranged ranged
feature features featuring featured featured
oppose opposes opposing opposed opposed
locate locates locating located located
hurry hurries hurrying hurried hurried
tap taps tapping tapped tapped
broadcast broadcasts broadcasting broadcast broadcast
sue sues suing sued sued
store stores storing stored stored
trade trades trading traded traded
bid bids bidding bid bid
light lights lighting lit lit
slow slows slowing slowed slowed
concern concerns concerning concerned concerned
dismiss dismisses dismissing dismissed dismissed
swear swears swearing swore sworn
highlight highlights highlighting highlighted highlighted
repair repairs repairing repaired repaired
conform conforms conforming conformed conformed
amount amounts amounting amounted amounted
attach attaches attaching attached attached
dream dreams dreaming dreamed dreamed
rush rushes rushing rushed rushed
absorb absorbs absorbing absorbed absorbed
sink sinks sinking sank sunk
grab grabs grabbing grabbed grabbed
calm calms calming calmed calmed
protest protests protesting protested protested
balance balances balancing balanced balanced
beg begs begging begged begged
install installs installing installed installed
advance advances advancing advanced advanced
fire fires firing fired fired
block blocks blocking blocked blocked
aid aids aiding aided aided
flow flows flowing flowed flowed
drag drags dragging dragged dragged
correspond corresponds corresponding corresponded corresponded
pose poses posing posed posed
admire admires admiring admired admired
relieve relieves relieving relieved relieved
reverse reverses reversing reversed reversed
time times timing timed timed
combat combats combatting combatted combatted
integrate integrates integrating integrated integrated
disagree disagrees disagreeing disagreed disagreed
connect connects connecting connected connected
update updates updating updated updated
modify modifies modifying modified modified
anticipate anticipates anticipating anticipated anticipated
tax taxes taxing taxed taxed
opt opts opting opted opted
stare stares staring stared stared
spot spots spotting spotted spotted
command commands commanding commanded commanded
obey obeys obeying obeyed obeyed
house houses housing housed housed
extract extracts extracting extracted extracted
slide slides sliding slid slid
counter counters countering countered countered
resume resumes resuming resumed resumed
grasp grasps grasping grasped grasped
swing swings swinging swang swung
render renders rendering rendered rendered
speed speeds speeding sped sped
confront confronts confronting confronted confronted
ban bans banning banned banned
wipe wipes wiping wiped wiped
double doubles doubling doubled doubled
comprise comprises comprising comprised comprised
witness witnesses witnessing witnessed witnessed
plant plants planting planted planted
breed breeds breeding bred bred
assert asserts asserting asserted asserted
disclose discloses disclosing disclosed disclosed
defeat defeats defeating defeated defeated
squeeze squeezes squeezing squeezed squeezed
taste tastes tasting tasted tasted
bind binds binding bound bound
harm harms harming harmed harmed
encounter encounters encountering encountered encountered
request requests requesting requested requested
struggle struggles struggling struggled struggled
hire hires hiring hired hired
conceal conceals concealing concealed concealed
recruit recruits recruiting recruited recruited
co-operate co-operates co-operating co-operated co-operated
wander wanders wandering wandered wandered
emphasize emphasizes emphasizing emphasized emphasized
weigh weighs weighing weighed weighed
coincide coincides coinciding coincided coincided
bend bends bending bent bent
regulate regulates regulating regulated regulated
rescue rescues rescuing rescued rescued
entertain entertains entertaining entertained entertained
forecast forecasts forecasting forecast forecast
inspect inspects inspecting inspected inspected
export exports exporting exported exported
urge urges urging urged urged
induce induces inducing induced induced
lock locks locking locked locked
exhibit exhibits exhibiting exhibited exhibited
exchange exchanges exchanging exchanged exchanged
warm warms warming warmed warmed
confess confesses confessing confessed confessed
tolerate tolerates tolerating tolerated tolerated
mount mounts mounting mounted mounted
brush brushes brushing brushed brushed
reproduce reproduces reproducing reproduced reproduced
undergo undergoes undergoing underwent undergone
impress impresses impressing impressed impressed
figure figures figuring figured figured
decline declines declining declined declined
rub rubs rubbing rubbed rubbed
cater caters catering catered catered
tour tours touring toured toured
distribute distributes distributing distributed distributed
sense senses sensing sensed sensed
repay repays repaying repaid repaid
regain regains regaining regained regained
minimise minimises minimising minimised minimised
halt halts halting halted halted
shape shapes shaping shaped shaped
cool cools cooling cooled cooled
disturb disturbs disturbing disturbed disturbed
bite bites biting bit bitten
progress progresses progressing progressed progressed
devote devotes devoting devoted devoted
provoke provokes provoking provoked provoked
dispose disposes disposing disposed disposed
translate translates translating translated translated
reassure reassures reassuring reassured reassured
contemplate contemplates contemplating contemplated contemplated
alert alerts alerting alerted alerted
service services servicing serviced serviced
interact interacts interacting interacted interacted
heat heats heating heated heated
devise devises devising devised devised
govern governs governing governed governed
apologise apologises apologising apologised apologised
expose exposes exposing exposed exposed
embrace embraces embracing embraced embraced
comfort comforts comforting comforted comforted
seize seizes seizing seized seized
melt melts melting melted melted
supplement supplements supplementing supplemented supplemented
lean leans leaning leaned leaned
exert exerts exerting exerted exerted
resemble resembles resembling resembled resembled
abolish abolishes abolishing abolished abolished
wed weds wedding wed wed
arrest arrests arresting arrested arrested
crack cracks cracking cracked cracked
suppress suppresses suppressing suppressed suppressed
guard guards guarding guarded guarded
surprise surprises surprising surprised surprised
hesitate hesitates hesitating hesitated hesitated
load loads loading loaded loaded
swallow swallows swallowing swallowed swallowed
initiate initiates initiating initiated initiated
float floats floating floated floated
effect effects effecting effected effected
manipulate manipulates manipulating manipulated manipulated
deter deters deterring deterred deterred
associate associates associating associated associated
administer administers administering administered administered
murder murders murdering murdered murdered
persist persists persisting persisted persisted
greet greets greeting greeted greeted
tear tears tearing tore torn
hunt hunts hunting hunted hunted
spoil spoils spoiling spoiled spoiled
line lines lining lined lined
bless blesses blessing blest blest
ascertain ascertains ascertaining ascertained ascertained
penetrate penetrates penetrating penetrated penetrated
multiply multiplies multiplying multiplied multiplied
merge merges merging merged merged
coach coaches coaching coached coached
drain drains draining drained drained
suffice suffices sufficing sufficed sufficed
presume presumes presuming presumed presumed
fish fishes fishing fished fished
shop shops shopping shopped shopped
race races racing raced raced
honour honours honouring honoured honoured
freeze freezes freezing froze frozen
cure cures curing cured cured
revive revives reviving revived revived
swap swaps swapping swapped swapped
endure endures enduring endured endured
chase chases chasing chased chased
consume consumes consuming consumed consumed
insert inserts inserting inserted inserted
anger angers angering angered angered
await awaits awaiting awaited awaited
minister ministers ministering ministered ministered
drift drifts drifting drifted drifted
substitute substitutes substituting substituted substituted
stem stems stemming stemmed stemmed
surrender surrenders surrendering surrendered surrendered
wind winds winding winded winded
contract contracts contracting contracted contracted
machine machines machining machined machined
differentiate differentiates differentiating differentiated differentiated
advertise advertises advertising advertised advertised
reconcile reconciles reconciling reconciled reconciled
project projects projecting projected projected
co-ordinate co-ordinates co-ordinating co-ordinated co-ordinated
snap snaps snapping snapped snapped
damn damns damning damned damned
bake bakes baking baked baked
top tops topping topped topped
fold folds folding folded folded
concede concedes conceding conceded conceded
renew renews renewing renewed renewed
formulate formulates formulating formulated formulated
confuse confuses confusing confused confused
sweep sweeps sweeping swept swept
cheer cheers cheering cheered cheered
steer steers steering steered steered
base bases basing based based
indulge indulges indulging indulged indulged
decrease decreases decreasing decreased decreased
reserve reserves reserving reserved reserved
host hosts hosting hosted hosted
evolve evolves evolving evolved evolved
foster fosters fostering fostered fostered
discourage discourages discouraging discouraged discouraged
curb curbs curbing curbed curbed
allocate allocates allocating allocated allocated
supervise supervises supervising supervised supervised
fade fades fading faded faded
endorse endorses endorsing endorsed endorsed
condemn condemns condemning condemned condemned
book books booking booked booked
tip tips tipping tipped tipped
reform reforms reforming reformed reformed
complement complements complementing complemented complemented
punish punishes punishing punished punished
bang bangs banging banged banged
outline outlines outlining outlined outlined
diminish diminishes diminishing diminished diminished
prevail prevails prevailing prevailed prevailed
leap leaps leaping leaped leaped
wrap wraps wrapping wrapped wrapped
compromise compromises compromising compromised compromised
collapse collapses collapsing collapsed collapsed
safeguard safeguards safeguarding safeguarded safeguarded
inhibit inhibits inhibiting inhibited inhibited
scream screams screaming screamed screamed
date dates dating dated dated
delete deletes deleting deleted deleted
attain attains attaining attained attained
dislike dislikes disliking disliked disliked
conceive conceives conceiving conceived conceived
shine shines shining shone shone
dictate dictates dictating dictated dictated
unite unites uniting united united
import imports importing imported imported
spring springs springing sprang sprung
rebuild rebuilds rebuilding rebuilt rebuilt
flourish flourishes flourishing flourished flourished
criticise criticises criticising criticised criticised
boil boils boiling boiled boiled
flee flees fleeing fled fled
commence commences commencing commenced commenced
praise praises praising praised praised
draft drafts drafting drafted drafted
park parks parking parked parked
discriminate discriminates discriminating discriminated discriminated
track tracks tracking tracked tracked
enclose encloses enclosing enclosed enclosed
interview interviews interviewing interviewed interviewed
tighten tightens tightening tightened tightened
price prices pricing priced priced
colour colours colouring coloured coloured
venture ventures venturing ventured ventured
speculate speculates speculating speculated speculated
depart departs departing departed departed
bury buries burying buried buried
interrupt interrupts interrupting interrupted interrupted
disguise disguises disguising disguised disguised
elect elects electing elected elected
withstand withstands withstanding withstood withstood
discharge discharges discharging discharged discharged
restrain restrains restraining restrained restrained
thrive thrives thriving throve thriven
echo echoes echoing echoed echoed
divert diverts diverting diverted diverted
fry fries frying fried fried
dissolve dissolves dissolving dissolved dissolved
edit edits editing edited edited
assemble assembles assembling assembled assembled
ruin ruins ruining ruined ruined
accelerate accelerates accelerating accelerated accelerated
envisage envisages envisaging envisaged envisaged
congratulate congratulates congratulating congratulated congratulated
retrieve retrieves retrieving retrieved retrieved
descend descends descending descended descended
suspend suspends suspending suspended suspended
experiment experiments experimenting experimented experimented
ship ships shipping shipped shipped
frighten frightens frightening frightened frightened
fool fools fooling fooled fooled
‘ave ‘as ‘avin’ ‘ad ‘ad
inspire inspires inspiring inspired inspired
heal heals healing hole holen
master masters mastering mastered mastered
terminate terminates terminating terminated terminated
amend amends amending amended amended
scratch scratches scratching scratched scratched
embark embarks embarking embarked embarked
entail entails entailing entailed entailed
execute executes executing executed executed
consolidate consolidates consolidating consolidated consolidated
cash cashes cashing cashed cashed
round rounds rounding rounded rounded
isolate isolates isolating isolated isolated
warrant warrants warranting warranted warranted
signal signals signalling signalled signalled
weaken weakens weakening weakened weakened
pin pins pinning pinned pinned
march marches marching marched marched
desire desires desiring desired desired
widen widens widening widened widened
level levels leveling leveled leveled
chat chats chatting chatted chatted
board boards boarding boarded boarded
contend contends contending contended contended
invent invents inventing invented invented
resource resources resourcing resourced resourced
manufacture manufactures manufacturing manufactured manufactured
seal seals sealing sealed sealed
reconsider reconsiders reconsidering reconsidered reconsidered
suck sucks sucking sucked sucked
picture pictures picturing pictured pictured
crash crashes crashing crashed crashed
transport transports transporting transported transported
plug plugs plugging plugged plugged
assign assigns assigning assigned assigned
enquire enquires enquiring enquired enquired
campaign campaigns campaigning campaigned campaigned
trap traps trapping trapped trapped
surround surrounds surrounding surrounded surrounded
debate debates debating debated debated
upgrade upgrades upgrading upgraded upgraded
decorate decorates decorating decorated decorated
confer confers conferring conferred conferred
accumulate accumulates accumulating accumulated accumulated
profit profits profiting profited profited
file files filing filed filed
inherit inherits inheriting inherited inherited
disrupt disrupts disrupting disrupted disrupted
contrast contrasts contrasting contrasted contrasted
chuck chucks chucking chucked chucked
tick ticks ticking ticked ticked
plead pleads pleading pleaded pleaded
dip dips dipping dipped dipped
subscribe subscribes subscribing subscribed subscribed
educate educates educating educated educated
divorce divorces divorcing divorced divorced
spin spins spinning spun spun
row rows rowing rowed rowed
obscure obscures obscuring obscured obscured
creep creeps creeping crept crept
interest interests interesting interested interested
overlook overlooks overlooking overlooked overlooked
twist twists twisting twisted twisted
mature matures maturing matured matured
blend blends blending blended blended
revise revises revising revised revised
attribute attributes attributing attributed attributed
explode explodes exploding exploded exploded
dwell dwells dwelling dwelt dwelt
drown drowns drowning drowned drowned
alleviate alleviates alleviating alleviated alleviated
strip strips stripping stripped stripped
grade grades grading graded graded
revert reverts reverting reverted reverted
value values valuing valued valued
award awards awarding awarded awarded
strive strives striving strove striven
notify notifies notifying notified notified
remedy remedies remedying remedied remedied
accuse accuses accusing accused accused
instruct instructs instructing instructed instructed
spill spills spilling spilled spilled
strain strains straining strained strained
comprehend comprehends comprehending comprehended comprehended
soften softens softening softened softened
postpone postpones postponing postponed postponed
wave waves waving waved waved
bounce bounces bouncing bounced bounced
stock stocks stocking stocked stocked
position positions positioning positioned positioned
adhere adheres adhering adhered adhered
cling clings clinging clung clung
summon summons summoning summoned summoned
pause pauses pausing paused paused
empty empties emptying emptied emptied
classify classifies classifying classified classified

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.