Adverbs in English

Word Meaning
not Negates the meaning of the modified verb.
so To the (explicitly stated) extent that.
up Away from the surface of the Earth or other planet; in opposite direction to the downward pull of gravity.
out Away from home or one’s usual place, or not indoors.
then (temporal location) At that time.
now At the present time.
only Without others or anything further; exclusively.
just Only, simply, merely.
very To a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly.
how To what degree.
even (Archaic) Exactly, just, fully.
on To an operating state.
down (comparable) From a higher position to a lower one; downwards.
back (not comparable) To or in a previous condition or place.
there (location) In a place or location (stated, implied or otherwise indicated) at some distance from the speaker (compare here).
still Without motion.
here (location) In, on, or at this place.
too (focus) Likewise.
where Interrogative adverb, used in either a direct or indirect question: at what place; to what place; what place.
however Nevertheless; yet, still; in spite of (that).
again (obsolete) Back in the reverse direction, or to an original starting point.
in (not comparable) Located indoors, especially at home or the office, or inside something.
over Thoroughly; completely; from beginning to end.
never At no time; on no occasion; in no circumstance.
why For what cause, reason, or purpose.
away From a place, hence.
off In a direction away from the speaker or object.
really (modal) Actually; in fact; in reality.
about Not distant; approximate.
always At all times; throughout all time
when (interrogative) Used to introduce questions about time.
rather (obsolete) More quickly; sooner, earlier.
quite (headingTo the greatest extent or degree; completely, entirely.
right On the right side.
much To a great extent.
often Frequently, many times.
yet (usually with negative) Thus far; up to the present; up to some specified time.
perhaps Modifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty.
already Prior to some specified time, either past, present, or future; by this time; previously.
far Distant in space, time or degree.
almost Very close to, but not quite.
together At the same time, in the same place; in close association or proximity.
once (frequency) One and only one time.
ever Always.
probably In all likelihood.
today On the current day or date.
actually (modal) In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively.
all (degree) intensifier.
enough Sufficiently.
therefore (conjunctive) For that or this purpose, referring to something previously stated.
particularly (focus) Especially, extremely.
either (conjunctive
after a negative
) As well.
around Generally.
thus (manner) In this way or manner.
sometimes On certain occasions, or in certain circumstances, but not always.
else (follows interrogative adverbs) Otherwise, if not.
soon (obsolete) Immediately, instantly.
yesterday On the day before today
long Over a great distance in space.
usually Most of the time; less than always, but more than occasionally.
indeed (modal) Truly; in fact; actually.
home to home
certainly In a way which is certain; with certainty.
especially (manner) In a special manner; specially.
simply (manner) In a simple way or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; alone.
clearly (manner) In a clear manner.
instead In the place of something (usually mentioned earlier); as a substitute or alternative.
little Not much.
before At an earlier time.
round Alternative form of around
forward Towards the front or from the front.
forward Towards the front or from the front.
please Used to make a polite request.
finally At the end or conclusion ; ultimately.
recently In the recent past
quickly Rapidly; with speed; fast.
along In company; together.
anyway (obsolete) In any way.
generally Popularly or widely.
nearly (now
) With great scrutiny; carefully.
suddenly Happening quickly and with little or no warning; in a sudden manner.
obviously In a obvious manner; clearly apparent.
okay Alternative spelling of OK
exactly (manner) without approximation; precisely.
no (now
only used with comparatives, except in
) Not, not at all.
maybe Modifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty.
immediately In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay.
apart Placed separately (in regard to space or time).
easily Comfortably, without discomfort or anxiety.
though (conjunctive) Despite that; however.
above Directly overhead; vertically on top of.
through From one side to the other by way of the interior.
highly In a high or esteemed manner.
tomorrow On the day after the present day.
eventually In the end.
fully In a full manner; without lack or defect.
like (informal) For example, such as: to introduce an example or list of examples.
below In a lower place.
otherwise (manner) Differently, in another way.
directly In a direct manner; in a straight line or course.
slightly Slenderly; delicately.
ahead In or to the front; in advance; onward.
hardly (manner
) Firmly, vigorously, with strength or exertion.
completely (manner) In a complete manner
normally Under normal conditions or circumstances; usually; most of the time
relatively Proportionally, in relation to some larger scale thing.
apparently Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently.
merely (obsolete) Wholly, entirely.
early At a time before expected; sooner than usual.
slowly (manner) At a slow pace.
largely In a widespread or large manner.
alone By oneself; apart from, or exclusive of, others; solo.
currently At this moment, at present, now.
nevertheless (conjunctive) In spite of what preceded; yet.
possibly (modifying a clause or predicate) Perhaps; indicates that the proposition may be true (is not certainly false) regardless of any facts or circumstances known to, stated by or implied by the speaker.
mainly (obsolete) Forcefully, vigorously.
carefully (obsolete) Sorrowfully.
hard (manner) With much force or effort.
previously At an earlier time.
entirely To the full or entire extent.
extremely (degree) To an extreme degree.
somewhere In an uncertain or unspecified location.
fairly (manner) In a fair manner; not biased or skewed or favouring a certain party
tonight During the night following the current day.
increasingly increasing in amount or intensity
straight Of a direction relative to the subject, precisely; as if following a direct line.
equally (manner) In an equal manner; in equal shares or proportion; with equal and impartial justice; evenly
twice Two times.
surely Without fail.
frequently At frequent intervals.
totally Entirely; completely.
absolutely In an absolute or unconditional manner; utterly, positively, wholly.
necessarily Inevitably; of necessity.
elsewhere In or at some other place or places; away.
partly In part, or to some degree, but not completely.
seriously (manner) In a serious or literal manner.
widely commonly; generally; to a great degree
properly in a proper manner
under In a way lower or less than.
closely In a close manner.
neither (conjunctive) similarly not
outside Outdoors.
etc Alternative form of etc.
that (degree) To a given extent or degree.
effectively In an efficient or effective manner; with powerful effect.
pretty Somewhat, fairly, quite; sometimes also (by meiosis) very.
inside Within or towards the interior of something, especially a building.
e.g. “for example” or “for the sake of an example”: used to introduce an illustrative example or short list of examples.
meanwhile During the time (that something is happening).
hence (Archaic) from here, from this place, away
unfortunately Happening through bad luck, or because of some unfortunate event.
strongly In a strong or powerful manner.
somewhat (degree) To a limited extent or degree.
rapidly With speed; in a rapid manner.
similarly (manner) In a like style or manner.
originally (not comparable) As it was in the beginning.
afterwards (temporal location) At a later or succeeding time.
o’clock (modifying a numeral, one to twelve) In conjunction with a numeral, indicates the time within a twelve-hour period (midnight to noon or noon to midnight), specifically the time when the hour hand of a clock points precisely to the symbol or marking corresponding to the designated numeral.
virtually Almost but not quite.
perfectly With perfection.
somehow In one way or another; in a way not yet known or explained; by some means
moreover (conjunctive) In addition to what has been said; furthermore; additionally.
fast In a firm or secure manner, securely; in such a way as not to be moved .
badly In a bad manner.
significantly In a significant manner or to a significant extent.
naturally In a natural manner.
rarely Not occurring at a regular interval; seldom; not often.
late After a deadline has passed, past a designated time.
anywhere In or at any location or an unknown location.
heavily In a heavy manner.
abroad (dated) At large; widely; broadly; over a wide space.
occasionally From time to time; sometimes; at relatively infrequent intervals
quietly In a quiet manner.
regularly With constant frequency or pattern.
firmly (manner) In a firm or definite or strong manner.
mostly Mainly or chiefly; for the most part; usually, generally, on the whole.
initially At the beginning.
gently in a gentle manner
shortly In a short or brief time or manner; quickly.
aside To or on one side so as to be out of the way.
specifically in a specific manner, applying to or naming a particular thing or things, expressly, explicitly
subsequently Following, afterwards in either time or place.
essentially in an essential manner; in essence
gradually In a gradual manner; making slow progress; slowly.
deeply At depth, in a deep way.
by Along a path which runs by the speaker.
precisely (manner) In a precise manner; exactly.
across From one side to the other.
successfully In a successful manner; with success; without failing.
greatly (Archaic) Nobly; magnanimously.
behind At the back part; in the rear.
respectively In a relative manner; often used when comparing lists, where the term denotes that the items in the lists correspond to each other in the order they are given.
presumably able to be sensibly presumed
briefly (manner) In a brief manner, summarily.
altogether Without exception; wholly; completely.
truly In accordance with the facts; truthfully, accurately.
primarily (focus) Of a primary or central nature, first and foremost
everywhere In or to all locations under discussion.
basically in a fundamental, essential or basic manner
definitely Without question and beyond doubt.
inevitably In a manner that is impossible to avoid or prevent.
whenever At any time.
reasonably In accordance with reason.
constantly (Archaic) With steadfastness; with resolve; in loyalty, faithfully.
furthermore In addition; besides; what’s more; used to denote additional information.
considerably Significantly; to a degree worth considering.
ultimately Indicating the last item.
approximately Imprecise but close to in quantity or amount.
secondly In the second place.
since From a specified time in the past.
readily Without unwillingness or hesitation; showing readiness.
automatically In an automatic manner.
deliberately Intentionally, or after deliberation; not accidentally.
newly In a new manner.
any To even the slightest extent, at all.
thereby (formal) By it, by that.
personally In a personal manner.
surprisingly In a way that causes surprise because it is unexpected, or unusual.
commonly as a rule; frequently; usually
purely (now
) Wholly; really, completely.
deep Deeply.
sufficiently (manner) In a sufficient manner; enough.
consequently (conjunctive) As a result or consequence of something.
potentially In a manner showing much potential; with the possibility of happening in a given way.
notably (focus) As a pointed example; in a notable manner.
undoubtedly Without doubt.
sharply In a sharp manner; pertaining to precision.
upstairs Up the stairs; on a higher floor or level.
roughly In a rough manner.
accordingly (manner) Agreeably; correspondingly; suitably
softly In a soft manner; gently.
nowhere In no place.
wholly Completely and entirely; to the fullest extent.
wherever An emphatic form of ‘where‘.
barely (degree) By a small margin.
formally In a formal manner.
namely Specifically; that is to say.
typically In a typical or common manner.
thoroughly In a thorough or complete manner.
traditionally In a traditional manner.
past in a direction that passes
formerly at some time in the past
mentally In a mental manner; an idea thought out in one’s mind, as opposed to an idea spoken orally.
strictly In a strict manner.
physically In a physical manner.
literally (speech act) word for word; not figuratively; not as an idiom or metaphor
whereby (interrogative
) By what, in which direction; how.
specially For a special purpose.
bloody (rare
) Used to intensify what follows this adverb.
correctly In a correct manner.
sadly In a sad manner; sorrowfully.
lightly In a light manner.
hopefully In a hopeful manner.
desperately In a desperate manner; without regard to danger or safety; recklessly.
eg Alternative form of e.g.
locally With respect to place; in place
forth Forward in time, place or degree.
forever (duration) For all time, for all eternity; for a lifetime; for an infinite amount of time.
officially In an official manner
separately In a separate manner; not together; apart.
backwards Toward the back.
severely In a severe manner.
simultaneously Occurring at the same time.
alternatively in an alternative way
happily (Archaic) By chance; perhaps.
firstly (formal) In the first place; before anything else; first.
substantially In a strong substantial manner; considerably.
politically in a political manner
safely In a safe manner; without risk; using caution above all else.
exclusively (focus) to the exclusion of anything or anyone else; solely or entirely
upwards Towards a higher place; towards what is above.
besides (conjunctive) Also; in addition.
solely Alone; exclusively.
consistently (manner) In a consistent manner.
tightly In a tight manner.
steadily In a steady manner.
fortunately In a fortunate manner.
near Having a small intervening distance with regard to something.
broadly In a wide manner, liberally, in a loose sense.
publicly In public, openly, in an open and public manner.
scarcely (modal) Probably not.
nowadays At the present time; in the current era.
freely In a free manner.
downstairs living, stepping, or coming down the stairs
hitherto (formal
) Up to this or that time.
half In two equal parts or to an equal degree
regardless Without attention to warnings or indications of bad consequences.
invariably Every time; always, without change.
instantly (Archaic) Urgently; with insistence.
differently (manner) In a different way.
dramatically In a dramatic manner.
socially In a social manner; sociably.
actively In an active manner.
seldom Infrequently, rarely.
remarkably (manner) In a remarkable manner.
rightly In a right manner, correctly, justifiably.
reportedly According to reports or rumors; supposedly.
evidently (obsolete) In such a way as to be clearly visible or manifest; distinctly, clearly.
thereafter After that, from then on.
accurately In an accurate manner; exactly; precisely; without error or defect.
honestly (manner) In an honest manner.
genuinely In a genuine manner; truthfully, truly.
independently In an independent manner.
daily quotidianly, every day
practically In practice; in effect. Not necessarily officially the case but what actually occurs.
nearby next to, close to
importantly (sentence adverb) Used to mark a statement as having importance.
continually In a continual manner; non-stop.
positively (manner) In a positive manner.
nonetheless (conjunctive) Nevertheless.
explicitly In an explicit manner.
partially To a partial degree or extent, incompletely.
neatly In a neat manner.
within In or into the interior; inside.
repeatedly Done several times or in repetition.
temporarily For a limited period of time; not permanently.
utterly completely, entirely, to the fullest extent
overall Generally; with everything considered.
predominantly In a predominant manner. Most commonly or frequently by a large margin.
beautifully In a beautiful manner.
permanently In a permanent manner; lastingly.
openly In an open manner, visibly, not covertly.
seemingly To appearances; apparently.
overseas Abroad.
privately In a private manner.
beyond Farther along or away.
likewise (manner) In a similar manner.
ideally In an ideal way; perfectly.
comparatively In a comparative manner.
swiftly In a swift manner; quickly; with quick motion or velocity; fleetly
worldwide Throughout the world.
terribly (literary
) So as to cause terror or awe.
overnight Throughout the night.
abruptly In an abrupt manner; without giving notice, or without the usual forms; suddenly; precipitously.
alike In the same manner, form, or degree; in common; equally.
adequately In an adequate manner.
legally As permitted by law; not contrary to law.
jointly Together, acting as one; collectively.
sincerely In a sincere or earnest manner; honestly.
individually As individuals, separately, independently
annually Once every year without fail, yearly
efficiently In an efficient manner.
silently In a silent manner; making no noise.
bitterly In a bitter manner.
allegedly According to someone’s allegation.
indirectly In an indirect manner.
angrily In an angry manner; under the influence of anger.
incidentally (manner) In an incidental manner; not of central or critical importance.
high In or to an elevated position.
technically Based on precise facts.
sexually In a sexual manner: erotically.
tight Firmly, so as not to come loose easily.
economically (manner) In an economical manner; not wastefully; not extravagantly
unusually In an unusual manner.
loudly In a loud manner; at a high volume.
ironically (manner) In an ironic manner; in a way displaying irony.
strangely In a strange or coincidental manner.
presently (now
) Immediately, at once; quickly.
duly In a due, fit, or becoming manner; as it ought to be; properly.
principally In a primary manner; pertaining to the principal of a matter.
smoothly in a smooth manner
promptly In prompt manner; both soon and quickly.
after Behind; later in time; following.
frankly (manner) In a frank, open or (too) honest manner.
aloud With a loud voice, or great noise; loudly; audibly.
nicely (obsolete) Fastidiously; carefully.
supposedly As a matter of supposition; in the beliefs or according to the claims of some people.
dead (degree) Exactly right.
reluctantly In a reluctant or hesitant manner.
comfortably In a comfortable manner.
exceptionally To an unusual, remarkable or exceptional degree.
extensively In an extensive manner, widely.
curiously In a curious manner.
appropriately In an appropriate manner; properly; suitably.
continuously Without pause.
unexpectedly In an unexpected manner.
course (colloquialAlternative form of of course
fundamentally In a fundamental or basic sense; reaching the very core of the matter.
financially In terms of finance or money.
doubtless Without doubt; very probably, in all likelihood; doubtlessly.
kindly In a kind manner, out of kindness.
urgently With great haste, with a sense of urgency, because it is very important.
fiercely In a fierce manner.
loud Loudly.
lately Recently; not long ago.
underneath Below; in a place beneath.
conversely (conjunctive) with a reversed relationship
enormously Extremely, greatly: to an enormous degree.
hastily In a hasty manner; quickly, hurriedly.
throughout (obsolete) Completely through, right the way through.
poorly In a poor manner or condition; without plenty, or sufficiency, or suitable provision for comfort.
historically In a historic manner; with reference to history or the historical record.
distinctly In a distinct manner.
thirdly In the third place; third in a row.
wide extensively
incredibly (manner) In an incredible manner; not to be believed.
preferably In preference; by choice; in a preferable manner.
radically In a radical manner; fundamentally; very.
wildly In a wild, uncontrolled manner.
progressively In a progressive manner.
calmly In a calm manner.
systematically In an organized manner.
violently In a violent manner.
this To the degree or extent indicated.
upright in or into an upright position
brightly In a bright manner.
downwards Towards a lower place; towards what is below.
vigorously With intense energy, force or vigor
chiefly (focus) Especially or primarily; above all.
plainly In a plain manner; simply; basically.
admittedly As is acknowledged to be true; by general admission; confessedly.
casually In a casual manner.
narrowly In a narrow manner; without flexibility or latitude.
politely in a polite manner
evenly So as to form a flat surface.
faintly In a faint manner; very quietly or lightly.
oddly In an odd manner; unevenly.
suitably In a suitable manner; with propriety.
internationally In an international manner.
interestingly in an interesting way
secretly In secret, covertly.
finely In a manner to produce a fine result; as to grind finely means to grid to a fine powder.
emotionally In an emotional manner; displaying emotion.
a.m. Before noon.
eagerly In an eager manner.
luckily In a lucky manner; by good fortune; fortunately.
freshly Recently, newly.
beforehand At an earlier or preceding time.
painfully In a painful manner; as if in pain.
markedly In a marked manner; distinctly, noticeably, conspicuously.
cautiously In a cautious manner.
halfway Half of the way between two points; midway.
opposite In an opposite position.
thoughtfully In a thoughtful or pensive manner.
commercially In a commercial manner: a manner pertaining to commerce.
nervously In a nervous manner; feeling or displaying nervousness.
centrally (location) In a central manner or situation; at, to, through or from the centre.
wrongly In an unfair or immoral manner; unjustly.
immensely Hugely; extremely; vastly.
ashore (nautical) On the land as opposed to onboard.
consciously In a conscious manner; knowingly, volitionally.
mutually in the same way, each to the other; reciprocally
arguably As can be supported or proven by sound logical deduction, evidence, and precedent.
loosely In a loose manner.
proudly In a proud manner.
conveniently In a convenient manner, form, or situation; without difficulty.
environmentally In a manner affecting the environment.
anxiously In an anxious manner; with painful uncertainty; solicitously.
profoundly (manner) With depth, meaningfully.
mildly In a mild manner.
expressly In an expressive or explicit manner.
internally In an internal manner; within or inside of external limits; in an inner part or situation.
underway In motion, in progress; being done or carried out; on a journey.
instinctively Innately, by instinct, without being taught.
underground Below the ground.
critically In a critical manner; with, or in terms of, criticism.
universally In a universal manner.
visually By means of sight.
furiously In a furious manner; angrily.
theoretically in theory; on paper
morally In terms of morals or ethics.
dangerously In a dangerous manner.
additionally By way of addition; in addition to; also.
warmly In a manner that maintains warm temperature.
infinitely In an infinite manner; as of anything growing without bounds; endlessly.
short Abruptly, curtly, briefly.
logically In a logical manner, with logic.
sometime At an indefinite but stated time in the past or future.
momentarily In a momentary manner; for a moment or instant.
intensely In an intense manner.
cheerfully In a cheerful manner.
extraordinarily In an extraordinary manner.
impatiently without patience
satisfactorily In a satisfactory manner, in a manner adequate to requirements.
grimly In a grim manner.
likely (obsolete) Similarly.
implicitly In an implicit or implied manner.
collectively in a collective manner; viewed together as a whole; to be treated as a single unit, rather than the items that make up the collection separately.
sure (modal adverb) Without doubt, certainly.
coldly in a cold or uncaring manner; indifferently
accidentally In an accidental manner; unexpectedly; by chance; casually; fortuitously.
uniquely In a unique manner.
confidently In a confident manner; with confidence; with strong assurance; positively.
overhead Above one’s head; in the sky.
overwhelmingly In an overwhelming manner; very greatly or intensely.
brilliantly In a brilliant manner; with brilliance.
illegally In a manner contrary to law.
parallel With a parallel relationship.
without (archaic
) Outside, externally.
unanimously In a unanimous manner; without objection.
wonderfully In a wonderful manner.
professionally In a professional manner.
inland Into, or towards, the interior of the land, away from the coast.
indefinitely In a manner that is not definite.
patiently In a patient manner.
thankfully In a thankful manner; giving thanks.
understandably For reasons that are easy to understand or sympathise with.
statistically In a statistical way.
vastly Greatly, in a vast manner.
voluntarily In a voluntary manner.

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.