El Refugio/The Refuge Family Resource Center improves the quality of life for all in Lee County by building bridges between transitioning immigrants and established residents through sharing, learning and serving together while respecting cultural identities.

     We promote opportunities for interaction between cultures that encourage positive relationships based on sharing knowledge, hopes and experiences.

    We help identify needs and talents, and connect people with the resources to develop them.

El Refugio/The Refuge is all about building community between transitioning immigrants and established residents. When people come together to share, learn, enjoy good things—and also to acknowledge and explore solutions to challenges—quality of life thrives. We are committed to compassion, integrity, respect and communication among cultures and individuals.

El Refugio/The Refuge accomplishes its mission by connecting Hispanic/Latino residents with the information, assistance, skills, relationships and leadership opportunities they need to be fully engaged and productive. These connections are made through free language program; child enrichment activities; cross-cultural engagement events; family success initiatives; resource connections; and community building.

El Refugio’s communication efforts include printed materials, PR efforts, publicity for events and programs, Facebook, a web site, text notification system and frequent positive coverage from the Sanford Herald and regional print publications.

Web site: www.ElRefugioLeeCo.org

El Refugio/The Refuge is governed by a 12-person Board of Directors. Professional staff includes Executive Director Oscar Hernandez and Administrative Assistant Yesenia De Santiago, along with SSL instructors, tutors and interns for specific projects.

Oscar Hernandez
Executive Director
El Refugio/The Refuge Family Resource Center,
Jonesboro UMC

Sanford, North Carolina

Call (919) 352-9709



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