Music at the Mansion – Featuring Chócala-

The North Carolina Arts Council builds on our state’s long-standing love of the arts, leading the way to a more vibrant future. The Arts Council also sustains diverse arts expression and traditions while investing in innovative approaches to art-making. The North Carolina Arts Council has proven to be a champion for youth by cultivating tomorrow’s creative citizens through arts education.

North Carolina is known throughout the world for its pottery traditions, literary legacy, Southern Appalachian music traditions, jazz, blues and gospel heritage, and an abundance of artists and arts institutions. Recognizing the state’s rich cultural climate, the Arts Council was established to strengthen North Carolina’s creativity, invention and prosperity. In 1967 the Arts Council published its first survey of the arts in the state. There were 17 local arts councils and 233 other arts organizations.

North Carolina: The Creative State

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Thanks to the First Lady of North Carolina, Kristin Cooper, for welcoming Latina NC Magazine to her home, Matty Lazo and the North Carolina Council of the Arts celebrate the North Carolina Year of Music 2019 Hold a special event at the North Carolina Executive Mansion .

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Chiles en Nogada

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“Esta receta está dedicada a las personas que perdieron la vida en la frontera en su intento de buscar una vida mejor, a los trabajadores del campo que brindan nuestra comida, a las personas que trabajan en restaurantes, A TODOS LOS MIGRANTES DEL MUNDO”. Luis MacKinney

Chiles en Nogada – English

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A traditional dish from Puebla, Mexico, served in the month of September to celebrate the Mexican Independence day, reason why you can see the color of the Mexican flag. This recipe is divided into three stages: 1) cooking el relleno o picadillo (the filling), 2) preparing the poblano peppers, and 3) making la nogada (the white sauce blanketing the peppers).

Un refugio para mamás: reflexiones de crianza y educación *Audio*

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Un Refugio para mamas, Reflexiones de crianza y educación. Columna semanal con Tamara Zurita Riquelme. En este audio les hablo de "Nuestro Límite" Que tan al limite estamos, es tiempo de buscar detalladamente en tu día a día como transformar estas emociones y poder descargar nuestro estrés.

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